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It's all in the detail......

What I love most about shooting weddings is capturing the detail. Months and months of planning go into organising a wedding, for some brides it's all they think about 24/7 so for me not to capture all those important little details is not an option! but some shots just appear without any setting up or pre planned composition, for instance the shot below. The couple were having a traditional church wedding and were quite religious themselves, with lots of hymns and readings as the ceremony progressed, at one point the couple had their heads bowed listening to the vicar I was waiting patiently behind the pillar (where the vicar had kindly asked me to stay) and staring at me was a perfectly placed bible just screaming out to be photographed with the bride and groom in the background, not sure if the couple appreciated the shot as much as I loved creating it, but it's all those little details that make me passionate about shooting my next wedding!

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black and white church ceremony wedding in Shrewsbury
It's the wedding details that count.....

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