• Kelly Rann

When it's the quiet season in wedding photography...

So as you may know the wedding business is quite seasonal.... and when it comes to those long winter months I find myself exploring the local wildlife and capturing a winter landscape. Last week my travels took me to Wales , LLangollen to be precise where I found myself taking pictures in some surprisingly mild weather! Here is the Cefn Viaduct, beautiful blue skies that would make the perfect backdrop for any summer wedding!!

Cefn viaduct in Llangollen, perfect backdrop for any any summer wedding although it's actually the middle of winter!!

This was a far cry from the weather the previous week which saw temperatures in Telford, Shropshire plummet to below zero, but gave some beautiful winter snowy scenes the kind you would actually want to have if you were brave enough to have a winter wedding!!

beautiful winter wonderland scene, from Telford photographer Kelly Rann

So yesterday my travels took me back out to Wales, this time I was heading to the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, but it wasn't meant to be.......I got almost to the end of the long winding road that leads to the Falls, only for my car to start slipping and sliding and I couldn't make it up the last hill due to the ice!!, never mind, no one said photography was easy, it would have been lovely to get the falls in the ice and snow, need to invest in a 4x4!!! maybe next time.......

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